This page shows all the songs listed by Artists who have listed Soul as on of their Genres
'Santoria' (Soul) Visit the 'Santoria' website | Email 'Santoria' | see details
Good-Bad Things | Hot Stuff | |
'Joseph' (Soul) Visit the 'Joseph' website | Email 'Joseph' | see details
Your All | New York City | Deep |
'Veneer' (Alternative Rock) Visit the 'Veneer' website | Email 'Veneer' | see details
Bounce | New Positivity | Weeds (Beautys A Beast) | Look Whats Coming At You
'The Side Street Doormats' (Punk/Pop) Visit the 'The Side Street Doormats' website | Email 'The Side Street Doormats' | see details
I don't Wanna | Cash In/Sell Out | |
'The Gudmen' (HipHop) Visit the 'The Gudmen' website | Email 'The Gudmen' | see details
Introducing (Where have all the Gudmen gone) (snippet) | Here We Go (snippet) | Low Down & Dirty (snippet) | Why?!
'The Unknowns' (Blues/Rock) Visit the 'The Unknowns' website | Email 'The Unknowns' | see details
What's Me and What's You | Only Darkness | Don't Come Late |
'Dublin Gospel Choir' (Rhythm and Blues) Visit the 'Dublin Gospel Choir' website | Email 'Dublin Gospel Choir' | see details
Moving on up | As | Something inside so strong | Loud Child
'James Mark Donnelly' (Blues/Rock) Visit the 'James Mark Donnelly' website | Email 'James Mark Donnelly' | see details
Rise Up | Constant State of Mourning | |
'Steve Duffy' (Singer/Songwriter) Visit the 'Steve Duffy' website | Email 'Steve Duffy' | see details
Not your heaven | Shine baby shine | Stoned in New York | Dizzy Spells - Live98fm23Feb04
'Tortured Artists Social Club ' (Alternative Rock) Visit the 'Tortured Artists Social Club ' website | Email 'Tortured Artists Social Club ' | see details
mandance | surreality | pornography | panda
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