Note: IrishUnsigned is *not* a Links Directory, so please ensure the following or your entry will be deleted.

Please do NOT add in your band/act details if you have nothing but an email address or phone number to add. If you are too lazy to add a Biography, some linked music and a photo, how is that going to make you look...? Your entry *will* eventually be deleted if you are too lazy to add some details. There are plenty of other links-directory sites out there.

We don't expect that all bands will have their own website but would prefer if they did, so we can offer pictures, songs etc and people can get further information about you. To be honest, any band who does not have a website, in these days of free web design and hosting sites, is not giving a very good impression of their ability to get things done....even in a basic manner. Think about it what it says to the casual visitor about you, compared to everyone else on this site.

If you don't have a website, you can always add your music and image to the likes of MySpace or CPU and link to them from within your IrishUnsigned entry. Instructions are on the submission form. If you don't have any music recorded, even a live gig in low quality, then not many people are going to pay your entry any attention in these days of iPods and downloads

Of course, some people simply do not know how to get their music online, how to get a website made, how to add photos to their enrty and so on. If that is the case, email us and we will see what we can arrange.

Carry on to submit your details...