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LUCAS Temple Bar Music Centre

The bar had closed before the last band of the night took to the stage, and it seemed to be the deciding factor for the majority of people on when to call it a night. Lucas thankfully have enough energy and enthusiasm to face such a demoralising sight. With songs like Turning around, Little devil, The great wall of?. and, cobwebs and dreams, they have no shortage of material with which they know exactly how to bring the pace down only to bring it back up for you again.

Their style is in the vain of Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and live. Yet, they have more than enough style of their own to make it well worth going to see them. And anyone who stayed to see what they sounded like for more than 30 seconds stayed, without hesitation, until the end.

Mention has to be given to their vocalist, who has an awesome ability to deliver a song and can engage a crowd with ease. Lucas already have a highly accomplished sound. Such a description is deemed unkind in some circles, but rest assured it does not diminish the rawness of their sound. The lead singer has to be heard to be believed, especially since - we hear - he suffers from asthma.

They were without doubt, leagues ahead

Review written by: Ron Healy and Deirdre Murphy --

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