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THE MARIONNETTES Temple Bar Music Centre

The Marionettes had raw energy to spare as they exploded on stage. First impressions? Beastie boys, without the rap. Or crap. With a free for all chorus and Jimi Hendrix style guitar solo, their opener gave off a distinctly New York sound.

Harried and angry with an underbelly of humour. Violent Femmes came to mind. The follower had a guitar intro you could go wild to. Their third was deliciously hedonistic with good bass in particular. The next song opened like a Lou Reed number in everything but the vocals. In Sick Flowers, just when you think they are going full whack, they let you know they're not even close.

"You like to disco, I like to disco" was a bizarre yet highly enjoyable filler, once the drummer and bassist realised there was a mini crisis going on, stopped chatting and started playing, as guitar strings were replaced.

Last but not least, "Definition on being". Think Jim Morrisson, soft deep wordy song, drugged, free flow, left brain stuff. "We are the children of the revolution, we have no solution". Very good stuff and only their second ever gig. Allegedly. We find it hard to believe they are this gopod after two. What about after two hundred

Review written by: Ron Healy and Deirdre Murphy --

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