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BROWN Isaac Butts

By the end of their first three songs I still hadn't quite figured out what to make of them. With falling, which they introduced as "probably our quietest song". I could hear what with retrospect had probably been there before. Their talent and energy became more obvious as things were indeed quietened down and the vocals became more expressive.

Up until then vocal intonations seemed to have been cast aside in preference of performance. Perfect blue, with it's rolling backbeat, acoustic and keyboard opening, became better and better as it went on, the intricacy of the keyboards elegantly controlling the song. A musically interesting interpretation followed, with the vocals improving all the time. Something's got to give, was their finishing number. There was good variety of pace here and it was more freely energetic. The singer had caught up with himself at this stage and with his high pitched last line ending of something's got to give left us in no doubt of his talent. At this point Ron (of IrishUnsigned) turned to me and said "That came out of the blue", and it did. That last high note is an indication of what Brown could offer. Their material is good, the lyrics are good and the performances are good. The only let down - and it's a minor one - is that the lead singer appeared to be holding himself back. Until that last - surprising - note.

Review written by: Deirdre Murphy --

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