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UNDERHILL ExpoSure' Battle of the Bands Final, O'Sheas of Skerries. 26/10/2002

The noticeable thing about Underhill is that they looked a little nervous. However, the crowd soon got them over that. It would seem that Underhill were the local favourites. The crowd's reactions to their songs were a little bit over the top if the songs themselves were taken into consideration but there's nothing wrong with your fans trying to sway the judges! This is not to say that Underhill were crap or anything. They weren't. They were nervous, sure, but then I get nervous when I am up there introducing bands let alone playing, so no big deal there. Like a lot of young (new) bands, Underhill had a pattern and were sticking to it. There were sounds of the usual suspects in there - Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Chilli Peppers, Rage Against the Machine - all that genre. Indeed, the last song was so reminiscent of Nirvana's Teen Spirit in places and Come As You Are in others that there were a bunch of punters sitting behind me who were singing along to it with Nirvana's lyrics (and they fit quite well, too!). Anyway, Underhill have got ability, talent and, as their foray into the crowd on the extended final song showed, they have the spirit and attitude to entertain (not just play). I liked them, and I expect I will like them even more when they have a few more gigs under their belt. I also think the 'industry' will like them if they get to hear and see them. Looking at the lead singer, I was reminded of Derren Dempsey of Immodium (who left the band after they won the National Student Music Awards and went on to play with Wilt or someone similar). Underhill may well be at the first few steps of a career (which doesn't necessarily have to mean superstardom to be rewarding) but they will also have to be careful. It's a minefield!

Review written by: Ron Healy and Deirdre Murphy --

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