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BLUE SIDE DOWN Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin

Blue side down opened with "The Hobo". A nice song with a rambling acoustic guitar joined by strong lead vocals. Known for their Beatle covers which perfectly showcase their lead singers beautiful and powerful voice, they played "Don't Let Me Down".

"Man Of The People" is a song I had heard them play before. Heavier than most of their other material, it has a hint of the Cranberries in the opening that breaks into a more open Coldplay sound. With this song in particular the singer hides nothing in his voice. It has the hallmarks of a cult anthem written all over it.

"Without You" is a slow and simple sad song with a feel that could be Elvis Costello's when he is not in a fit of anger. They finished up with their most interesting number of the night. "Feeling" was like five or six songs rolled into one, it was a perfect note to end on. We were left curious. And wanting more

Review written by: Deirdre Murphy --

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