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TAREBO WHELANS, 27/06/2002

Tarebo play a high energy, simple and easy rock sound. With catchy tunes and nothing outrageous or unexpected in their set, they gave their audience a chance to roll into the weekend with an easy, relaxed and radio friendly buzz.

It seems as though the vein running through their songs is one of overcoming; beating the odds and never giving up. A sort of "yeah it stinks but sure fuck it, lets have a go, have a laugh, play some music and maybe we'll whip it's ass in the end" kind of vibe.

They rely heavily on vocals and only on the odd tune does the vocal give way to guitar. Don't get me wrong, the lead singer holds a note with powerful ease but perhaps for variety some musical interludes rather than continuous vocal domination would play well too?

Style wise? Well they at times reminded me of Crowded house, the Chilli peppers and U2. They are a good band to go see if you're in good form and looking for more fun, these guys won't piss on your parade, they more likely will take great pleasure in lifting your spirits higher

Review written by: Deirdre Murphy --

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