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WUNDERLAND WHELANS, Dublin. 18/06/2002

By the time Wunderland were finishing up their set it was becoming increasingly easier to imagine them playing on a bigger stage. Songs like Leaving the fields behind and The Jester could get an audience of new and old fans bopping and singing their little hearts out. They might just about have enough of the right sound and look to fit neatly into the big time festival scene. Call it pub rock/anthem rock, whatever, it's good stuff to get a crowd going to. With echoes of The Rolling Stones, Oasis, perhaps even ZZ Top and the more local (if perhaps a little less famous), Redkid, their songs beg for crowd participation. Perhaps at times they border on the brink of the perpetual dilemma of how to create a distinctive, easily recognisable original sound and being repetitive. But then again, such so-called dilemmas have done very nicely for a good many other bands, so who knows?

They were in Whelans to launch their new EP TWILIGHT, which includes I know I'll shine, Pandora's box and Noah's ark. All of which they played on the night and all of which would fall under the description above. It's hard to believe they only formed last September (2001). In those nine month's they have put together a substantial and accomplished array of material and seem also to have collected a hearty bunch of dedicated followers

Review written by: Ron Healy and Deirdre Murphy --

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