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DM (Now under the name Brewster Hamilton) Fusebox, AXIS Centre, Ballymun, XX/03/2002

DM is two people, two guitars and one voice that is destined to astonish and astound. Defining a sound is a daft task to attempt at any time but considering that's what I'm supposed to be doing, I should probably try.

If you close your eyes when he sings, you could at times be forgiven for thinking a female singer was onstage. Given our very human predisposition to prejudice this could and probably will be held against him by some. But, if you listen without prejudice, you will hear something that is both very rare and very beautiful. A voice that appears to have no limits or boundaries and will move you as often and as easily as you could hope for.

There were a few times when their guitar playing seemed to be out of sync, particularly on their second last, which unfortunately seemed as though they were playing two different songs. But as a recently formed duo/band (less than two months, I believe!) I think the few problems I heard will easily be teased out

Review written by: Ron Healy and Deirdre Murphy --

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