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'Suddyn' Beck's Vier Revolver Showcase - 24/11/07 Radio City

by Angela Macari- O'Looney

Having experienced the wonderfully addictive sound of 'Suddyn' in Radio City back in October, I got the opportunity to re-live this intoxicating music in the lively, friendly venue, yet again!

I took my trusty steed, 'The Luas' as far as Store Street, finding I'd arrived too early, or things were starting later than advertised. Not sure which! However, other early arrivals and I were motioned into the bar around the back. We were told we could go in this way, when it opened. I sat down and had a drink. Spotting Alan Steil from 'Suddyn', I went over and had a chat with him and shortly after this, saw people were heading downstairs to the gig. So, I followed suit.

Finding a cosy corner, I settled down to the first set played by 'Voxpop', a very interesting Rock/Indie band. From the outset, the lead guitarist stood out from the rest of this band. He did some amazing riffs throughout the whole set. Also in the first up-beat number, the drums were quite prominent. Unshy and in-your- face, this band produce a very fresh, exciting sound. Singer has a good voice and excellent diction, which makes a change. I hate when you can't figure out what the lyrics are about!

In the second song, 'Network', once again I was carried away with the guitar riffs with lots of distortion going on. They did a number called 'The Apple' which was my favourite of the set. Choppy beat, lovely solos played on a beautiful 'Fender' guitar and I got the feeling that these guys were really getting into the swing of things.

This was a great warm-up to a fantastic evening, all told! There was one particularly outstanding thing for me about this first band. The singer asked for certain mikes and certain amps turned up.

A week before this I had been to a gig, where I was disappointed at the sound imbalance.
Discovering how it could ruin a band's performance no matter if they were good or bad, I salute this guy for having the professionalism to say it and be confident all the hard work was being done justice.

'Suddyn' were on second on this occasion. I and my guest were riveted by this unflinchingly magical band!

In true 'Suddyn' style the first number 'If you knew what I know', had a BIG piano intro. Concerto-type chords were struck, with great drama along with a sweet melody-line. Tempo changing to a staccato as a great build-up to a dead STOP brought it to its conclusion. As Jarret changed guitars for a shiny black 'Gibson' we were transported to number two song of the night.

This number was slow with a lovely chorus and a touch of dry-ice used as a special effect, lending some mystery to the atmosphere. There was a certain amount of punch in this number and you could feel the whole crowd being hypnotised by the unforgettable solos being played throughout each song.

GRAVITY needs no introduction, if you're familiar with 'Suddyn'. It was their third song of the night and as Alan did one of his high jumps, he launched into it. Jarrett lovingly runs his fingers up and down the frets of that Gibson, playing effortless riffs! The chorus has such lovely chords, it's no wonder this song is so popular.

Infanticide has a 'Queen' style coming through. Perhaps the long dramatic piano gives that impression. Queen meets Keane? But I'm keen on this sad but well written piece of music, just the same. The Fender is back and you can hear the difference in the style Jarrett's playing. Colly played some beautiful bits of bass.

Definitely getting a reaction from the crowd was 'Echoes of Angels'. Haunting melody, brilliant thumping beat and a number I could listen to forever, this familiar and popular melody raised the roof!

The next number was a new one for me. I hadn't heard it before. There was a lot of re-verb used in the guitar with big sustained notes. This is 'Anthema' for sure, as Alan gives his all, standing with one foot on the speaker amp at the front of the stage and full of NRG. Along with this, there was lots of distortion in the guitar solo. Bass very 'kick ass'too with a thumping drumbeat behind.

The last song 'Chain me' was a little different to the usual'Suddyn' style and was a great way to end the set. There were LOUD and lingering piano riffs, with gorgeous little sexy bits of lead being thrown in between lines of the song. The drummer's talent is just beyond words, he is so good. Alan excels himself in the end of this number with huge piano riffs, arpeggio-style. Beethoven meets Freddie Mercury!

Sadly the 'Suddyn' slot wasn't as long as the last gig I was at. However, we got to hear one more band. My husband who was also my guest this night was extremely into 'The Minutes' and I quite enjoyed they're set too.

I spotted a beautiful semi-solid guitar, played by Mark. He's a talented guy indeed along with some amazing harmony in every number. Each punchy cheerful song put the whole atmosphere up yet another notch. 'Ukraine' was a particularly memorable number with a polished sound, combining Punk and Pop. My husband remarked that the bass player looked a bit like 'Art Garfunkel' with his afro hairdo, but boy can he play bass! What I particularly like about this band is that every member gets to star at one stage or another.

They did a lot of amazing stuff, but I didn't quite get the names of all they're songs. However, I and my husband both vowed we'd have a look to see where they're playing next and go.

After 'The Minutes' we were entertained by a D.J from 'Phantom' f.m. We would have loved to stay on, but had to relieve the babysitter so we left and took a taxi home. The whole evening had been extremely satisfying and very memorable. Well done to all 3 bands!

Review written by: Angela Macari- O'Looney --

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