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JESSICA INSANE Fusebox, AXIS Centre, Ballymun, XX/03/2002

Jessica Insane has a modern punk/heavy rock sound akin to the likes of early 'Green Day', and 'Bad Religion'. There is plenty of anger here, enough to get any student hall going. With songs like Scared of priests and Sleeping on the sidewalk, there is enough rage and indignation present to get even the mildest tempered audience members saying to themselves "too fucking right son". (Deirdre - IrishUnsigned)

Beyond that however, there was a gaping hole in their performance that was screaming out for some variety of sound, a release from the intensity of playing that suffered at times from overkill. A voice that screams at you looses its power when it becomes incessant and predictable. Like a tantrum-throwing child you could be forgiven for wanting to turn the volume down or scream back at them "enough already". Some variety of style and material is all that is missing, however.

Review written by: Ron Healy --

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