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DEXTRA 'ExpoSure' Battle of the Bands Final, O'Sheas of Skerries. 26/10/2002

Apparently, in the semi-final to this event a few weeks previous, Dextra were met with some reticense on the part of the locals to 'get involved'. As I have said before, I think Declan Grange, the front man of Dextra, is one of the most entertianing live perfromers around the local scene in Dublin. Without the encumberance of a guitar swinging off his hip, Grange ahs the opportunity to go, and do, whatever he likes. And that's just what he does! I won't go into too much detail of their performance on the night except to say two things: First, they played the song "She Said No" for the first time and it didn't sound like a debut outing, and Second: they won the thing. I talked to the organiser, Fergus of 'ExpoSure', and he told me the Judges were scoring based on Stage Presence, Crowd Interaction, Originality, and Technical Ability. The band who preceded Dextra ("The Foundry") were technically superb and very talented but I think they lost it on the crowd interaction and originality bit. When it comes to these 'virtues' (which they are if you prefer your live gigs to be a bit differrent than a CD0 then I have not seen many who could beat Dextra

Review written by: Ron Healy --

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