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SKYLIGHT Temple Bar Music Centre

Skylight played second. After breaking us in with a frenzied blast, they just as suddenly stopped. Silence. The Keyboardist gently began a soundtrack melody, only to be blasted out of it by two electric guitars, a bass and the drums. Effective, though, if not for the sound levels drowning the keyboards.

The pig-tailed bassist sang backing to the high pitched, slightly JJ72-sounding lead singer. His voice fell low and gentle for their second number, until it was kicked off the mike by his own short, loud and fast guitar playing. At least three varying styles were encompassed into this one tune. And it worked very well.

Third song into the set and they put on their Mod shoes for a delightful Clash style number. When they chimed out a keyboard and electric guitar opening to their fourth, I couldn't help thinking "Radiohead - but without the complications". That implies it was a boring rip off. It was anything but...

The Sea - one of the songs we could catch the title of - has a good rock sound until it gets even better by going manic. I have rarely seen a drummer give a better live performance. Go see them for yourself. If only to witness a drummer that by size (skinny as a rake) and young age defies belief, particularly in view of the energetic performance he manages to consistently maintain. Ron, my colleague from IrishUnsigned, who was also at the gig, stated that he was "one of the most entertainingly brilliant drummers" he'd ever witnessed.

Review written by: Deirdre Murphy --

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