Instructions for including your music on IrishUnsigned's main radio stream.

First, do not assume that because your music is already listed in the playlist that you do not have to do anything. We have added a limited number of songs to the playlist, some from the IrishUnsigned compilation CD "Scene Unheard" added to some of our favourite tracks from various Artists. Eventually they will all be removed to reduce the overhead on our webhost, so if you did not add your music, you should add it now. Contact us if you have any qustions about this or other matters.

What you need:
Before you can add your music to our radio stream, you must have somewhere online to store them. Because of the cost and webspace required, IrishUnsigned, does not provide free hosting services for music files. You can use or MySpace, or your own server space. In fact, anywhere online should be acceptable(*) so long as it allows remote linking. If you have your own hosting space, it would certainly be the best place to store the radio files

Before you upload your files, you need to convert your MP3s into the format used (.rbs) as the radio stream will only playlist that type of file. Fortunately, this is very easy. Simply download the conversion files by right-clicking here and selecting "Save As". It's been checked for viruses.

Once downloaded, unzip the files, copy up to four of your MP3s into the "create.sound" sub-directory. Double-click the convert64 or convert64_xp batch file, depending on your operating system (ignore the convert32 files as they are for low quality conversions). After a while, in which the batch file converts the MP3s to .rbs format, the "sounds" directory will have the newly-created files. Upload these files to your server host and then input the full path to the file into the relevant fields. A full path looks like: (including the .rbs bit at the end)

(*)NB: Some free-hosting providers do not allow remote linking of files. Please ensure you have checked before uploading files and adding them to our stream. We are adding file-checking validation but some could easily slip through. This does not mean that your song will be played. Instead, if the path/URL is wrong, it will simlpy stop the radio stream for anyone who is listening to it, when it tries to play your song(s)

NB: If you need to check the validity of a path/URL, click here. * Sorry, currently not working
Artist name:
Track title:
Full URL/Path to music file (.rbs files only):

* All fields must be filled in
NOTE: If your URL is typed incorrectly (or if you forget to include the .rbs file extension) it will either be ignored by the system or will stop it altogether when trying to play your song(s).