This page lists all of the music files in the IU database that are of type .mp3 and suitable for streaming/playing in Winamp etc. If you wish to download the file to your own computer and listen to the resulting 'stream', right-click here and select 'save as...' for the file "playlist.m3u"

---------------------------- Inside.mp3 Then fully mastered final version.mp3,%20Everyday!.mp3's/This%20time%20around%20(piano).mp3!.mp3've%20got%20it%20made.MP3 be staying a while - acoustic.mp3 ep version.mp3 man.mp3 01.mp3 bubbly.mp3 - Coming Up For Air.mp3 know preview.mp3 Right.mp3 Into the night.mp3 - No Matter what shape - Retrophonic Feat DJ Loughlin McSweeney.mp3,%20Hangingbox%202006.mp3 Shred - Untitled 1 (High).mp3
http://www. Music/Moody Day.mp3 sea.mp3 Shred - Wasted Life (High).mp3't Let Her Go.mp3's/Tomorrow.mp3 Music/In the way of all things.mp3 03.mp3
http://www. preview.mp3
http://www.finneganslads late to far.mp3 fully mastered final version.mp3 Cure.mp3 me in 2.mp3 - What's it to you-.mp3 Livin by the gun.mp3 Music/It's Never Over.mp3 John Martyn.mp3's/If%20I%20should%20fall.mp3 Turn.mp3 your Love.mp3 more minutes preview.mp3 Shred - Untitled 2 (High).mp3 o.c.mp3 You On.mp3 Suzanne.mp3 - full.mp3'llseeyoutonight.mp3'm_Blind.mp3