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Thumped - Ireland:
Probably one of the best around for indie/alternative/underground music and views
Things You're Missing - Ireland:
A collective dedicated to helping bands to approach the DIY route to music creation, publication and exposure
Cluas - Ireland:
Good extensive range of unknown, and relatively-well-known, bands and acts featured.
Soundweb - Ireland:
GigSmart - Ireland:
another of Ireland's grass-roots promoters of new, indie, DIY and alternative music. Specialises in live gigs
The Ruby Sessions - Ireland:
Acoustic sessions, every Tuesday, Doyle's pub, College green, Dublin.
Live-Radio - Ireland / Worldwide:
An immense collection of thousands of radio stations worlwide that broadcast over the Internet
NIMIC (Northern Ireland Music Industry Commission) - Northern Ireland:
The Northern Ireland Music Industry Commission website provides news and
Federation of Music Collectives - Ireland:
The FMC is a cross border umbrella group for music collectives in Ireland. The fmc aims to promote, encourage and develop the work of music collectives, to facilitate those already in existence and to help in the start up of new ones
Indie Links - Ireland:
Huge collection of links to indie and indie-related sites worldwide
Ballyhoo Examiner - Ireland:
This you just have to take with three pinches of salt in each hand - a surreal newspaper for a surreal (real?) place in Ireland. Only in Ireland. - Ireland:
For wasting time at work, hence the name, humour comes in all shapes and squeezes....
Technophobiac - Ireland:
An online 'community' aimed, it appears, at music makers and fans who are also technology freaks
Irish Music Box - Ireland:
Our on-line magazine covers Irish music, rock, trad, pop - the whole spectrum of Ireland's music, worldwide, from B-witched to Van Morrison and The Corrs to Clannad
Dublin Music News - Ireland:
Music News in and from Dublin, and related industry news. Does exactly what is says on the tin. - Ireland:
The Music and gigs section of one of Ireland's better known Net-media outlets - Ireland:, one of Ireland's premier online brands, was launched by Internet Ireland on February 4th, 2000. In a pioneering move, the portal united over 40 leading Irish newspaper titles, to create Ireland's largest on-line content resource.
IrishMusic Network - Ireland:
An organisation, much like IrishUnsigned, geared towards helping new, DIY and/or indie artists get some exposure. They are starting an excellent "How To..." articles.
Ballymun Concrete News - Ireland:
A Dublin based 20,000 circulation free-newspaper in which we publish a monthly Irish Unsigned column.
Road Records - Ireland:
Home of the best of new and independent music in Dublin.
Freebird Records - Ireland:
Another great record store that is always happy to provide an outlet for new and independent Irish acts.
Music Maker - Ireland:
All sorts of quality musical instruments and equipment in Dublin, and Nationwide
Music Control - Ireland:
Music Control continuuosly monitors the airwaves and publishes (private) charts of what's being played, and when. If you're in a band you can get that infor though IrishUnsigned for ?25 (normally over ?50). See 'Deals and Discounts' section
Toxic Promotions - Ireland:
Promoting punk, hardcore, metal, ska and reggae in Ireland
The Irish Unsigned Directory - Ireland/Worldwide:
Directory of hundreds of Irish bands and other sites. Good starting place for anyone who wants to know all the bands on our green shores
Phantom FM - Ireland / Worldwide:
Dublin's (and Ireland's) best 'local' radio station. Now broadcasting online. Artist friendly and indie-friendly. Adventurous scheduling and tons of new music in the playlists. Features IrishUnsigned artists regularly.
Next Big Thing Online - Ireland:
Similar idea to IrishUnsigned - promoting new Irish artists
ISH Magazine - Ireland:
Get a Gig - Ireland: is Ireland's brand new entertainment listings web site. Members can use as a unique promotional tool, which can help build profitable relationships between entertainment professionals throughout Ireland. offers detail
Find It Ireland - Ireland:
Site directory listing thousands of Irish or irish-related websites and busineses
Irish Music Radio - Ireland:
Dublin-based radio station broadcasting on 94.9FM, promoting Irish music.
Doolan Motors, Dublin - Ireland:
This is where I bought my last 5 used cars. Haven;t bought a car anywhere else since 1996. Never had a bit of trouble, great after-sales service.
More Music Less Talk - Ireland:
More Music Less Talk is a consumer focused voluntary lobby group of music fans who are disenfranchised about the way Irish radio has failed to provide adequate music choices.
Irish Music Forum - Ireland - Worldwide:
Online community for Irish bansd