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contact name:the Kidd or the Super
phone: 087 6374392

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Founded in early 2007 (yes - we're badass one year olds now) by two self confessed nice fellows, SuperKidd Media has learned one thing during it's existence. People love lollipops, especially free lollipops. But what sort of a show would that be with just some free treats? So in addition to sweeties and the occasional free raffle we bring you the very best in musical entertainment! And all this in a jolly fun-time atmosphere too! (we told you we were nice fellows).

Also every gig comes with a guarantee that you will not spontaneously combust* So for all these reasons (plus the fact we bring you some of the finest bands currently plying their trade) get your crazy-selves to a SuperKidd show. They're good fun, good fun indeed!

*Not a guarantee.

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