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contact name:Claire Mc Entee
phone: 0862207366

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online resource | digital music / merchandise distribution & promotional network

Mantra Records ( ) is an online record label based in Ireland and Northern Ireland that aims to promote and encourage artists on our roster at both the grassroots and established level. We deal with other independent labels, management companies, licensing companies, bands & singer / songwriters on a constant basis to try and gain exposure opportunities for our acts and to increase the potential for each act on our roster to earn some decent money so that they can support their music better.

All artists on our label go through a quality control process and as such our label offers some of the best acts that Ireland has to offer.

For more information email with details of what way you'd like to work with us. If your an artist please include a short biography, website link ( if any ) and your contact details as well as any other information you think we should have and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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