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plays all irish and country music

Country and Irish Music Radio is currently on air across the northeast of the country. Licensed by the Broadcasting Commission, and originally Irish Music Radio, the station has added Country music to the format in order to cater for the increase in its listener base brought on by the stations new catchment area.

The station will broadcast each and every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday until the end of August. The frequencies for the station are as follows…

99.4FM Dublin/Kildare/Meath

107.4FM Meath/Louth/Cavan/Monaghan

Our programme schedule reflects the various kinds of Country and Irish music. Shows such as Celtic Pop, Showcase and the Rock Files highlight the stations continued commitment to all types of Irish music.

Please feel free to contact the station as detailed below, and remember that “If we don’t have your music, we can’t play it?.

Contact Details.

Telephone: 085 7673460

Sms/text: 085 1234551


Web: http//

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