More talk, less music?
Ron, IU


The BCI (Broadcasting Commission of Ireland) is currently in phase two of a consultation process to establish a set of guidelines for Irish radio and TV broadcasting to "to promote responsible broadcasting where entertainment, education and access to information are enhanced and offence and harm reduced"

Pay attention to that, read it again.

This phase intends to focus on various areas of TV and Radio content "including violence, sexual conduct, coarse language, portrayal of persons and groups in society, and the portrayal of drugs, alcohol and solvent abuse".

Nothing there about music. Or talk radio.

However, they are seeking responses to their proposed set of rules. There is an opportunity, although I am not really sure if it will make the slightest bit of difference, to tell the BCI that they should really be asking Irish broadcasters to focus more on Irish content. Specifically, less talk, more music, dump the requirement for a specific amount of "Current afairs" when licensing stations, or - failing that - make a proviso for a specific amount of Irish music. Even, and why not, a specific amount of new Irish music?

So, what can you do about it? Probably not a great deal because there are big businesses involved ni radio and TV and they will probably always xcall the shots but my philosophy is, as always, don't give them the opportunity to say that they weren't aware of our concerns.

If you want tor ead the proposed rules, get the PDF here, and if you want to suggest something to them, get the submissions form in PDF here