16.02.2007: Web hosting for all bands :Ron, IrishUnsigned

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If you are looking for webspace, or renewing your own (proper) web site hosting, or if you are one of the recent MySpace initiates to the Internet (man...) and are thinking of creating your own band site, Irishunsigned are offering web space for all-but nothing

As we have found, most bands don't need much more than a 10MB of space, or perhaps 50MB if they want to have video available on their site, so we see no point in insisting on band hosting packages being 250MB, 500MB or multi-GigaBytes of server space

IrishUnsigned recently bought our own server, and are now offering bands (originals bands, cover bands, whatever) site hosting for a tenner a year. Yes, you can get free hosting, and yes you can carry on with MySpace profile pages on their own, but if you want proper webspace, then get in touch by email (ron@irishunsigned.com) with "IU webspace" in the subject line and we'll go about setting things up.

If you want more than the nominal 50MB of space, we will of course offer that as well, probably much cheaper than some other hosts, as it is discounted to almost cost price for bands and musicians.

Commercial/business hosting is also available, but obviously at slightly increased cost. It will still be discounted for any business that is in a music or related area, and any organisation that runs on a not-for-profit basis, such as community sites like IrishUnsigned, can have hosting for the same cost price as bands/musicians.

Get in touch for specifics, let us know what you currently have (if appropriate) and what you pay for it, and we will beat the price.

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