02/02/2007: Free Stuff from The Kybosh!:Rob Cumiskey

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That's right! FREE launch tickets and FREE copies of the new single!

That's right. Free.

Wonderful word, isn't it? Basically we're giving 20 people a very simple way to get their hands on a pair of tickets to our launch gig on February 15th in Eamonn Doran's (with support from the fantastic Shay Cotter and Lambda), as well as a copy of the single to take home, all for the shockingly fair price of zero euro.

We're also going to make it good and easy because we're just that bloody nice! All you have to do is text your name and email address to Pang Promotions at 0851342177 - then wait and hope that you're one of the first 20... If you want to make us laugh we'll always appreciate that too.

The very best of luck folks. And we really mean that. Really.

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