06.11.06: Acts required to participate in IU research project:Ron, IU

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As a few of you will already be aware, I am back in Colelge to Research the current implementation of the Copyright Act as it relates to the collection and distribution of Royalties due to copyright owners (ie bands, singers, performers, composers etc) from being played on TV/Radio.

Over the next two years (or more!) I will be analysing the current collection/distribution proceses and - hopefully - suggesting and designing systems and processes to make it fairer, especially for grass roots bands who, in my opinion, are both under-represented and under-paid form the Royalties collected

I am looking for bands, singers, assorted Acts to help me perform this research, by acting as real-world guinea pigs as and when I need to analyses processes and results. There are two categories I need to examine:

1. Acts/Songwriters who are members of IMRO and/or RAAP and who have had songs released at any time in the past five years which generated quantifiable radio plays (ie by using Music Control or by getting playlist confirmation form radio stations). I would be looking to correlate the amount of radio play that can be justifiably proven with the resulting royalty statements and payouts {although I am not really interested in the financial amounts, so you could TipEx them if necessary!}

2. Acts/Songwriters who are, or will become, members of IMRO and/or RAAP and are likely to release songs in the near future which can be monitored for similar reasons, preferably songs that have either not been recorded yet or are likely to be re-mastered. Again, the financial details are irrelevant, so they could be editted out of any information provided if necessary.

While it might appear that the purpose of this effort is to somehow show IMRO / RAAP in a bad light, it is quite the opposite. I am well aware of the difficulty that IMRO and RAAP have in quantifying data and in even getting playlist data in some cases. What I propose in the medium term would enable IMRO / RAAP to perform their functions more effectively and efficiently, thereby enabling them to payout more of the royalties to their members, and to the correct members for the correct level of exposure. Furthermore, it would also reduce the amount of effort required by Radio and TV producers and Administrators in compiling playlists, particularly of specialist and non-programmed radio shows, which are the shows that, let's face it, are more likely to play grass roots and developing Irish music.

If you feel you fit into either category above and would be prepared to assist me in the ongoing research and testing, please get in touch by email here

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