01.08.2006: Ronan O Snodaigh 'In Da Club'?:TaraWatch

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Further to previous news about the plans for TaraWatch to release a compilation of Irish artists at all levels, to raise funds and awareness for the battle to protect the Hill of Tara complex, and the offer by Ronan O Snodaigh to record a track specially for it's first release, the first 'mix' of the track can be listened to on the IrishUnsiged radio stream.

Simply click the 'On' link in the left menubar. The stream will present a randomised selection of 100% Irish artists. In there, somewhere will be Ronan's "Tara of the Kings". You can scroll down until you find it, then click once to hear it.

As of today, Ronan is heading into Virtu studiosto remix the track for release towards the end of September.

Rumour has it that the track lends itself so well to a dance/club beat, that a dance mix is under consideration. Would that be the first time that a bodhran + Gaelic track has ever graced the dancefloors of clubs anywhere in the world...?

Answers on a postcard

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