22.05.2006: Free signup at Outersounds: sell your music online:Ron, IU

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All Artists can, for a limited time, sign up for free with Outersounds.ie to sell their music online.

As per the News item below, regarding Outersounds, all sales from all Artists will result in the Artist receiving 88% of the profits generate from the sale of ther songs. Each song sells for 99c and Artists will receive 57c. This takes into account the PayPal processing fees.

If a visitor buys more than one of your songs, then your per-song revenue will increase as the flat rate 35c PayPal fee will be spread among more than one song, assuming it is all in the one transaction. If a visitor buys, for example, 10 songs off an Album, for 9.90, then the Artist would receive much more than 57c per song. It would be more like 80c per song, or more, since the 35c PayPal fee is absorbed into 10 songs. The trick, for Artists, is to have a lot of good quality songs available, and recommend your fans, fom your site perhaps, buy more than one in each transaction.

It can even be a joint-Artist promotion since multiple purchases of songs from more than one Artits would see the PayPal commission minimised and teh 'saving' split among the Artists concerned.

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