06.05.2006: Facility to edit Artists details now added:Ron, IU

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The new version of IrishUnsigned has imlpemented the facility to edit Artis details. This facility will be added to the Industry section soon.

All of the Artists on IrishUnsigned should have received a password (or will receive one in a day or so) sent to the email address listed in the Artist's entry on the site. If you do not receive one, or you do not have access to that email address any more, please email us and we will arrange the password to be sent.

Instructions for editting your entry:
Click "Artists"
Go to the entry for the relevant Artist.
At the end of the entry you will see a link to "Edit Artist Details".
You can make any changes you want, updating your entry. Note that there are a lot more fields than when you originally entered your details. Please fill in all of them, or at least as many as you possibly can, particularly "County" and "Genre", as these are used for filtering and otherwise your entry may be overlooked in filters
Once you have made your changes, fill in the password field with the password sent to your email address
We'd suggest you do it fairly soon. In a week or two, those Artists who have not editted their entry in any way will be deactivated as we will make the assumption that they are inactive Acts. They may be added back to the main list after verification of the password (ie the first time some edit is performed)

The password is case sensitive so we suggest you copy/paste it into the filed.

Finally, click submit, the details for your band will then be updated. Don't lose your password. We will, at some point, add an option to reset the password but, for now, that's not a priority.

As with all these things, it might not work as well as expected. If you find an error, glitch, bug please let us know as soon as possible by email

Many thanks,
Ron, Irish Unsigned

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