25.09.2005: PHP/SQL assistance requested from all you coders...:Ron, IrishUnsigned

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If any of you reading this are good at PHP/SQL scripting, maybe you can suggest a workaround for this problem:

As mentioned in an earlier News item, I have added the capacity to Edit entries on the site/database. However, although I have auto-generated passwords for those already in the system, I have not managed to find a way to auto-email all the passwords to the correct email addresses. It is easy enough to email an entry using PHP, but looping thru almost 350 artists, plus assorted Industry organisations etc is different.

Essentially, I want a script that reads the email address and password from a given table and emails that password to that email address, along with a note from us explaining what they're for and how the editting is achieved, plus a link to the relevant recipient's entry on the database.

Any ideas? Give us a shout preferably by phone on 0879748263 or, failing that, by email at ronhealyx@eircom.net

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