11.09.2005: iTunes for the independent artist?:Ron, IrishUnsigned

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Had a look at www.artist-first.net and I am taking the time to recommend it to all of you who have something to sell. Of course, you could just use PayPal or whatever to sell your MP3's, but this thing seems to have a bit of an edge, especially in the modern Internet-enabled Artist's arsenal of tools.

Although I can;t say I like the charge of 19.99 to set the thing up, I do like the fact that they only take a 10% commission from sales. Given that you set the sale prices yourself, and they can be virtually nothing, then a percentage-based fee is all the better.

I won;t go into detail here but I will say this: if you are serious about treating your fans as customers (which is what they are), and serious about using your web presence to distribute and make money (however little) from your music, then sites like Artists First could be the way to do it.

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