09/09/2005: New Blast Site:Blast

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Just a very quick note to say that the brand new Blast site is now live! - www.blast.ie

Firstly, bands can now create their own mini webpage within the BLAST website where they can add a song and a bit of info about themselves.

There’s a limit to the song size so please check your song is below 3MB!

Secondly, bands can add their own events to the site. These will appear in the appropriate province page - these can take up to 24 hours to appear.

Want to get your song on the BLAST radio?
Email radio@blast.ie with your details and MP3 you would like to appear.

Also anyone can now add news to the community news section - simply mail
you news to news@blast.ie and it’ll be put onto the site! Again this can
take up to 24 hours to process.

Any technical problems with the website please let us know - mouldgraphics@gmail.com. Please refer all queries regarding forum accounts, moderators, etc. to the BLAST site admin.

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