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Alfie release their new album 'Crying at Teatime' on Regal/Parlophone, here in Ireland on the 15th of August and CPU are proud to announce that we will host the Irish leg of the bands tour.

This is Alfies Fourth Album in and second on Regal following up from their critically acclaimed last album 'Do you imagine things'. From compact, baroque bullet (and first single) 'Your Own Religion' to the lazy, sun-dappled joy of 'Colours', from the svelte rock of 'All Too Heavy Now' to the strident simplicity of ballad 'Where Did Our Loving Go?', 'Crying At Teatime' is a controlled explosion of energy and self-confidence; an aural starburst of hooks and adrenalin that slowly reveals its complexity - magical string/ woodwind arrangements, wiggly Korgs, swooning harmonies - over several listens.

If The Flaming Lips had grown up in Salford, listening to The Stone Roses, then this is the "modern, open-minded" record they might have made. Moreover, it is Alfie's best yet: their first definitive statement.

Having performed last in Ireland at Wittness 2001, Alfie have still remained a 'best kept secret' here in Ireland, except for the fanatical fans who've already discovered them. Many of these fans would have first come across the band through the critically acclaimed Eyebrowy animation 'Oh harmonica where art thou' (which can still be viewed on www.eyebrowy.com). For these fans we are also proud to announce that at Alfies Dublin gig there will be a special eyebrowy surprise!

Despite their uber cool obscurity here in Ireland Alfie are rapidly becoming one of Englands hottest Indie bands and have been getting rave reviews in the UK, building up a strong following in every city they have visited.

Snapped up by Regal/Parlophone (after previously being signed to Badly Drawn Boys label 'Twisted Nerve') and quite rightly so, Alfie are a Mancunian five piece that are at the forefront of a rejuvinated 'MadChester' scene. Now all Alfie have to do, is make the world listen.

Recently Lee Gorton, singer with Alfie stated about this "Ambition isn't a dirty word. It's not like I just want to get on telly. I want us to be brilliant. And there's no point being brilliant in your bedroom or 40 years after you're dead. That is no fucking fun at all."

Friday the 16th of September in The Temple Bar Music Centre sees the Alfie revolution kick off in Dublin, followed quickly by a visit to Eddie Murphys in Thomastown Kilkenny on Saturday 17th for a performance in what is quickly becoming the coolest venue in the country. Those in the know have been making this place a musical mecca with performances by Republic of Loose and Snow Patrol in the last couple of weeks. Sunday the 18th of September sees Alfie pay a visit to The Peoples Republic of Cork to spread the word in Cypress Avenue, before returning to England to what should be a triumphant homecoming concert in Manchester.

Alfie play the following dates in Ireland

Fri Sept 16th - Temple Bar Music Centre,Dublin-Adm 15euro

Sat Sept 17th - Eddie Murphys,Thomastown,Kilkenny-Adm 15euro

Sun Sept 18th - Cyprus Avenue, Cork City-Adm 12euro

(Tickets available from ticketmaster for the Dublin show and at the door for
the other shows)

visit www.cpu.ie

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