12082005: Artists removed from the site...:Ron, IrishUnsigned

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If you are one of the Artists who have had their IU entry removed from the site (another 3 this week), please do not contact IU to complain.

We are happy to list any Artist on the site, in any genre, as you can see. However, one thing we insist on is that IrishUnsigned is not, and will never be, a simple links directory. There are plenty of places online where you can just put a link to your site. IU is not one of them

We have emailed bands in the past, asking them to provide more info than a one-line entry and are usually ignored. We then delete the entries.

Normally, when an Act enters their details, there are occasional ommissions, such as music links and picture links. This is fine, and we usually get around to finding the correct links and updating the entry. However, this all takes time. We do it because at least the person entering the Act is trying.

Those who have one or two lines of text (or in some cases, none) that tell nothing about the Act except their name, or location, or web address are just being lazy.

There is a few lines of impossible-to-miss red text on the page before the Act details are entered (have a look at it now if you wish by clicking "add artist" to the left) and anyone who ignores it will, in future, be deleted without consultation. Errors and ommissions we can tolerate (we're all human, in some form or another!) but laziness is a sure sign that the Act in question is not worth the hassle

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