18,05,05: Congratulations to Delorentos...:Ron, IrishUnsigned

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We went along to the final of the National Student Music Awards last week and were there to see Delorentos add to the clutch of prizes from the Irish final by capturing the UK final as well.

Some less than complimentary comments were heard from the punters about hw the UK finalists were not the best of the bunch simply because the judging was done on an SMS-voting platform and therefore most texts wins.

However, the Irish lads could only beat the opposition that was put before them on the night and they did so very nicely, thank you very much!

A host of goodies, including studeio time in both Grouse Lodge and Abbey Road, a recording contract for a single release, BBC TV and Radio sessions, Beat FM sessions, CD duplication from Easy Duplication up North and much more (plus very healthy interest, we heard on the night, from labels in both the UK and US) means we expect to see more of Delorentos in the coming year or two. The fact that the title sponsors (Lee Cooper) are apparently undergoing a buy-out might mean that the new owners will want to spend on a TV and Radio advertising campaign.... Delorentos are in prime position to provide music for it... :-)

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