07/05/2005: Joy Division Tribute:Jd

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The Music Of
Joy Division
InTribute to Ian Curtis


::: Playing :::
Dublin Crawdaddy Friday 20th May
Cork Cypress Avenue Friday 27th May
Galway Roisin Dubh Friday 10th June
Belfast Empire Thursday 7th July

The legacy of Joy Division reaches far and wide.
currently one of the most name-checked bands in the industry
"Love will Tear us Apart" was among nominations for best Brit Song of the last 25 years
2006 will see the release of a film directed by Anton Corbijn documenting Ian Curtis' life.
Far from being a lost underground act, their music has had massive influence
and resonates today.

This tribute was brought previously to the Temple Bar Music Centre ('99.'01,02)
and was met by the fans with open arms
an evening of energy and enjoyment.
The Players are from two Dublin bands - The Jimmy Cake and ├╝ber.

::: A live music tribute to Ian Curtis and Joy Division :::

brought about through respect
to celebrate the seminal art
they have given

::: 25 years have passed since the death of Ian Curtis :::

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