13.02.2004: Get your PR critiqued - free:Dave Hooper

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If you are planning an email campaign, a postcard campaign, or any sort of mail out, then get it critiqued free of charge befroe you do.

Many bands make the same mistakes as each other, and it is often very useful (and sometimes quite embarrassing!) to get someone independet to look over your material from the perspective of those of us who receive them by the dozen!

Download the file from here and have a look at the type of stuff you'll get. Then contact Dave from "Kathode Ray Music" in order to submit your own material for review.

If you are looking for a whole list of people to send your 'campaign' to, then you could do much worse than getting the Indie Bible (software download or actual book form) from here:

Send all submissions to here. This link is also in the PDF document referred to above.

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