01.05.2008: Latest News from Gary Dunne:

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Hi everyone

We've got three short pieces of news for you...

1 The 'Simple Truth' video is finished and you can see it here youtube.com/watch?v=4KDDdQgJ3F0. We had a difficult job selecting videos but we've squeezed in as many as possible. Submissions came in from all over the world - thank you. Let us know what you think.

2 Gary's in Ireland this week opening for the brilliant Nizlopi. Details on www.garydunne.com. He's also appearing on Balconytv.com on May 4th.

3 The UK album launch is on Fri week, May 9th, at Power's Acoustic Room in Kilburn, London. It's FREE before nine and very cheap after. It's a FULL BAND show with very special guests. (and the bar serves til 2am!). Come celebrate with us.

It's wet and cold in London, after very recently being dry and sunny...we're confused.

All the best for now,

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