IrishUnsigned does not have a moderated forum, as such. Instead we use the MySpace groups. We have listed below some of the better known forums relating to grass roots Irish music. If you want to recommend a Forum that should be in this list, please send us an email.

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Things You're Missing forum
"Things About Things". Hosted on Thumped, so will have many of the same posters. However, this forum is the hunting ground for the regulars of the "Things You're Missing" collective - aimed at the DIY approach to the music biz. Not so musch 'anti-industry' as 'we can do it without the Industry'. Not a bad place for technical questions or if you want helpful tips and advice on whatever aspect of your 'career' you are stumped forum
A site profiling bands and solo artists on the Irish music scene, with fully featured forums for each group listed

Thumped general forum for discussing anything and everything. Occasionally strays away from music, but still a good place a for a rant. Plenty of regulars but watch for the anti-newbie slant sometimes (but don't take it personally!)

Cluas discussion forum.
Like Thumped, anything and everything gets discussed in this forum. If it is remotely music-related (and often if it is not) get in on the act. More civil and more relaxed (even the colour scheme) than many other general forums (fora?)

Eirecore discussion forum
Hard core would be a better description. Aimed squarely at the Punk trade (wrong word, maybe?) it can sometimes get a little bit immature for some people's taste, with the usual quota of ranting, swearing and insults flying around. However, there's a place for Punk and if it sticks to the idea that Punk is inherently anti-Industry while being part of the Industry, it will pose lots of questions and answer none. A bit like Punk itself. Take everything with a pinch of salt, but get stuck in if you feel up to it... Even the colour scheme is enough to make some people get aggressive!

Soundweb discussion forum.
Again, another music-based discussion fiorum. This one is pretty relaxed and not too heavily populated. Seems to get a lot of regulars rather than people surfing past, whcih can be a good thing

Phantom FM.
Discussion baord of the almost-world-famous never-to-get-a-license-yet radio station based in Dublin. A lotm of people's idea of what a commercail radio station should be, in terms of it's broadcast content, but obviously not the people that matter. These, and other salacious topics are discussed at length on the forum.

Gigsmart discussion forum
More music based discussions, but with other forums on general subjects. Mainly the home of bands and acts related to Gigsmart but you will often get a wide variety of opinions expressed here. Just like the pub, really.