Kojii - Dublin. (Heavy Rock)
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Richard, Dan and Kojii have known one another since early childhood. On and off for nearly 8 years the band Kojii was an acoustic, drummer-less trio. Now they are a vicious rock band with songs to get you moving and thinking.

The current form of the band Kojii came together in early June 2006. Kojii on main vocals, had been living in downtown LA as a solo singer/songwriter but she was bored with people expecting melancholic sweetness when all she wanted to do was scream at the world to wake up to the political and social madness she saw. Not to mention her love of getting crowds excited and showing them how to have a crazy time.

During a long late-night phone call from LA to old friend, band mate and inspiring guitarist Richard Kelly in Dublin, the plans for a new style of Kojii incorporating punk, rock, raw, sexy ..scream-all-you-like.. music was set in motion. One more call to bass player Dan Burke to bring in his funky, monumental slap bass lines and there was no stopping them.

With a couple of months left before Kojii..s annual Summer return to Ireland the inter-continental song writing and search for a drummer began. The Kojii band members advertised to find what would essentially become the 4th member of a very close family. It was like finding Mr. Right. And find him they did! Just one week into the search, the third person to walk through the door was Trevor Keogh. Before he even set up his kit, they knew he was the one. He brings a charged up potency hidden in his tribal beats that compels the listeners.. heart to race. That rare connection of a band in full harmony was completed.

It took just 4 weeks of intense writing and rehearsing before people caught on to what Kojii were doing. The shows started to roll in and a mere 2 months after their formation, they found themselves packing venues in Dublin, even on rainy Monday nights. They shot one of these nights as a live video which will soon be found on their website.

In mid-August 2006 an Irish film director requested the band to star in an ident for one of Ireland's main TV networks (TV3). Network executives loved the bands.. style and sound, and asked the band to record a Kojii version of the networks.. well-known ident jingle. This is the first time the network has allowed anyone else to re-do their trademark theme. This ident airs twice a day, 7 days a week, during prime time programming for all of Ireland to see until 2008.

The songs you can hear on this page are part of an 8-track EP simply titled Kojiione, that was recorded in September 2006.

Courtesy of world-renown artist Gottfried Helnwein, Kojii and engineer Frank McGing created a studio in the library of his home, Castle Gurteen de la Poer, in Tipperary, Ireland (where the recent wedding of Marilyn Manson & Dita von Teese was held).

In 2 days the band recorded the 8 tracks almost completely live to capture the raw energy they have become known for.

Enda Wyatt of ..An Emotional Fish.. has said of them..

..Kojii audiences can scarcely contain themselves. The band command an energy and such hard beats that uncontrollable dancing and the stillness of shock come hand in hand..
Tracks available for download (if any):
HOT! http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/kojii/kojii/kojii.jpg
Surprise http://www.asfunction:playTune,3
Headlines http://www.asfunction:playTune,0
Found my Jesus http://www.asfunction:playTune,1