Soloway - Limerick. (Heavy Metal)
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Well... it all strted a couple of years back when Dave Shane and Donal got together to start learning some noise. They recruited a ginger headed ssinger for a few weeks and pulled of an aul tune in the concert hall in UL. Since then, one member came and left leaving a hole for Tony to fill, originally as a second guitarist to beef up the sound... Donal and shane went away for a while for some pizza one day, and when they returned we had a singer! called Tony!

Since that we've gained a (mostly) supportive crowd at our gigs around the country... We've featured on RTE for 6 weeks and local radio aswell

There's a story behind the name so if ya see us, ask us (it'll cost a pint though)

And the rest will be History
Tracks available for download (if any):
Wait For The End