Los Monocles - Galway. (Rock)
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On a balmy evening in Galway three strangers meet, not knowing that in as little as two years they would become… Los Monocles.

After various periods of upheaval it was decided that Kieran “where’s G?? Furey should buy a reasonably priced bass and “see what happens?. His rise to musical virtuosity is ongoing and uncertain. Due to his unique bass stylings it was decided that a drummer with an equal or greater disregard for accepted musicality was needed. Enter Steve “do what ye want? Shaw.

After much upheaval, they attained some level of focus and decided that an instrumental bass-and-drum band would never top the charts. Fresh from his performance (mimed) on RTE’s prestigious Open House Gerard “do you want some tea, Paul?? Duff , a recipient of legitimate music lessons in the past, would provide the perfect counterpoint to the free approach of the rhythm section.

Upheaval followed.

It seemed they were set for world domination and yet something was still missing. Racking their brains they eventually reached the unanimous conclusion that what was needed was a five foot something Tipperaryite with a taste for tasty chords (musically and fashionably) and a guitar: an electric guitar. With his outrageously catchy hooks and his unique uniqueness the world was introduced to Tom "gimme that bass here" Whyte.

The upheaval which came subsequent to Tom’s arrival was a sign of things to come. The line up was complete; the stage was set ………and still is.

Tracks available for download (if any):
Rein it in http://mp3download.myspace.com/music.ashx?bandid=64781598&songid=10288895&name=64781598_03bc9b92
No directions http://mp3download.myspace.com/music.ashx?bandid=64781598&songid=10289473&name=64781598_50de0deb
Dave's story http://mp3download.myspace.com/music.ashx?bandid=64781598&songid=10290177&name=64781598_93d6c77c
The way things fall http://mp3download.myspace.com/music.ashx?bandid=64781598&songid=12588294&name=64781598_c2399285