Obsolete - Westmeath. (Indie)

Start off with a nice song...
Throw in a few guitars...
Add a dash of drums...
And some vocals...

Q. What do you get?
A. An average rock n' roll band!

Obsolete already knew this before forming back in 2000. The fact that Mixer, Molateen and Beany played together in an average rock n' roll band before the birth of Obsolete was adequate education.

So after much consultation, the trio hit upon the missing ingredients,
1. Better songs
2. More shouting.

Like all good dishes, the formula required moderate tweaking. The fruit of this concoction is passionate, racy songs with magical pop sensibility, delivered with dirty charm. No more average.

As Obsolete honed their skills and grew into their skin, the interest also grew. The epic song "Add to the History" taken from their first recording, "The Adventures of Mr. Ludo", was included on "Irish Underground", which grabbed a top 6 position in the Irish charts. The band built up momentum with countless live appearances, including an appearance in the IMRO Showcase Tour, which aroused the attention of many major record labels.

But before Obsolete could contemplate the rock n roll dream...

Beany disappeared to the Southern Hemisphere in search of rare spices, forcing a 15 month sabbatical for the band. Following his return in December 2004, Obsolete were back in business and, armed with a plethora of new material, they have since been gigging regularly and raising eyebrows wherever they go.

Enjoy the music... Obsolete always do.
Tracks available for download (if any):
Am I retarded http://artists.cpu.ie//play.php?band_id=97&song_id=6253&mode=song_lofi
You Never cry at weddings http://artists.cpu.ie/play.php?band_id=97&song_id=339&mode=song_hifi