the red headed league - Dublin. (Alternative Rock)

well,where to begin.......
Formed in 2005 for a small support slot in dublin,the red headed league is an ever changing,many headed music machine,constantly changing and swaying to the beat of the unbeaten track and the unconventional.
with a couple of EP's on the way for 2006/2007 the RHL hope to showcase their vast style and diversity,showing that theres more to music than a verse and a chorus.
The Red Headed League features many different types of musicians and as a group,are always looking onwards and upwards and taking on new musicians and creating new and never heard before sounds.
RHL have recently launched a myspace page,and can be found at
If this biog seems somewhat boring to you,thats because it is,the redheaded league are not as interested in putting their own self judgements forward as they are in recording profoundly great music.
we do hope you will give our myspace a click and enjoy our sounds and let us know how you feel about the music we make. we will be changing the mp3s around next month and will try to give some of our other sounds some rotation.

Tracks available for download (if any):
Madeline (instrumental) i&fid=78350675
cosmos in B major in &fid=78350675
shock em dead em d&fid=78350675
jen g smith by johnny fun and the hesitations(remixed by rhl) g&fid=78350675