The Movement - Dublin. (Alternative Rock)
087 9800806

A few nice things said about us:
'the fact that they dont wear skinny jeans or have poncy fringes shouldnt stop many more people hearing their majestic and enthralling music.' - Hattie N, SoundsXP

The Movement have passed along to me a 3 song demo, which rings of New Order and is pretty exciting listening. - Alison Curtis, Today Fm

Things started back in 2002 when martin was introduced to conn by his brother. They got together and played a few tunes, and, thinking that things sounded good, conn invited his friend and longtime collaborator matthew onboard. A drummer came, and a drummer went, and then stephen joined. The name was changed and the movement was born. Armed with a pretentious name with 'the' in it, they started putting together a solid set of songs.

They recorded their first ep in 2004, Never Gonna Give You Up, featuring Set Me Free, Never Gonna Give You Up and Crash. And it rocks. You can hear it here. Then Matthew fecked off to New York for a year to study film, giving the rest of the band plenty of time to write some more classics.

Fresh after the year off The Movement are back gigging and getting ready to go into the studio in summer 2006
Tracks available for download (if any):