Jane Taylor - . (Folk)


Since launching her solo career in January 2002 at Bohemia's 'Acoustix Club', this Bristol-based singer-songwriter has been receiving a good deal of attention for her unique style of acoustic folk-jazz-pop, hypnotic vocals and razor sharp lyrics.

Bristol's music magazine, Decode, picked up on her rising success, last year and included her single, 'Blowing this Candle out' on their compilation CD. The track was recorded at Channel House Studios in Bristol, and offered her a chance to work with one or two of the most respected musicians in Bristol, more significantly, Massive Attack's guitarist, Angelo Bruschini.

The track gained attention in London and jane was asked to play at Ronnie Scotts, supporting Colin Vearnecombe (formerly known as 'Black', of 'it's a wonderful, wonderful life' fame). Reviews of the gig clearly requested 'more please' with 'Get Rhythm' stating that '...with only a guitar for protection, an angelic voice and a twinkle in her eye, she had us in the palm of her hand as she played to a stunned silence...simply outstanding'. The audience seemed to agree as congratulatory e-mails poured in from audience members spellbound by her performance

Her EP, 'Barefoot', has sold over 2000 copies to date through gigs alone and has received great reviews all round with tracks from the CD currently being played on BBC Radio in the north, the West and the Midlands. This year she played Glastonbury Festival (New Bands Stage), headlined the Wuerzburg festival in Germany, playing to a crowd of 10,000 people, and introduced her band to Bristol by performing with them on the Main Stage at Ashton Court Music Festival. And after two hugely successful shows at the Edinburgh Fringe she discovered she'd just won this years UK Songwriting competition with her single 'Blowing This Candle Out'. More recently Jane also won the REACH 2003 competition and, supported by her band, is set to tour Ireland in November with three other bands from the USA and Canada. Her long awaited debut album is due to be recorded in the new year

But for the full spine tingling experience, you'd really need to catch one of her live performances... and decide for yourself!
Tracks available for download (if any):