Saints of Descent - Wexford. (Heavy Rock)
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What started as Ryan Margolin (Guitar) and Johnny O'Brien (Bass/Vox) passing back and forth demos and ideas for a new project quickly became a band to contend with and hit the road running with the addition of Drumming Academy scholar and Irish Young Drummer Awards finalist Stephen Whelan (Drums). Through 06 and 07 under the name Tortured Artists Social Club (TASC), the trio stacked up quite a list of distinctions, including:

- Jenny Huston’s very first Podcast.
- 2fm session with Dan Hegarty.
- Opening the 2fm 2morrow tour in Waterford.
- Nominated for Balcony TVs Best Band award 2007.
- Single of the week for three consecutive weeks on Roddy Cleere’s WLR fm Show.
- Completing an 11 date US tour.
- Appearing in acclaimed photographer, Graham Smith’s first book release.
- Playing over 60 shows in 7 months on the Irish national circuit, winning fans in the toughest of venues.

After the intense touring of spring and summer of 2007, the band retreated to Quill Lane Studios with Producer and creative force behind God is an Astronaut, Torsten Kinsella, to record a new Ep and explore their sound a little further. Ryan Margolin (Guitar) says that “working with Torsten was a real eye opener. He introduced us to a whole new work ethic and way of thinking about what we want to say and sound like. So, we dug deeper into ourselves and what came out definitely wasn’t TASC anymore, it’s a whole new animal!” Gone now are the funky rock sounds of TASC to be replaced by a harder hitting and heavier drive with shades of electronics, giving the band a unique sound. The final result of this evolution can be heard in their debut Ep, which is to be released in Spring 2008.

Lyrically, each song has a dark edge and touches on subject matters such as substance abuse, social awkwardness, disappointment, religion and frustration, but a common theme runs throughout each song – Hope. “Even in the worst of times, we all have the power to change our situation, to pick yourself up and say ‘It’ll be different next time” says chief lyricist, Johnny O’Brien (Bass/Vocals). “We all fall down, but it takes strength not to let it change you and to be a good person with all life throws at you. I guess that’s where the name Saints of Descent grew from”.

The next step for the band is to unleash their live performance supporting God is an Astronaut on January 18th in “The Button Factory”, Templebar (formerly the Temple Bar Music Center). Saints of Descent mix raw energy and technology in an explosive live show, a performance that prompted Phil Daugherty (Sting & The Police, U2, Eric Clapton) to state; "I haven't seen a band this exciting since Jane's Addiction in 1988." Stephen Whelan (Drums) says “With help and performance enhancing methods from our mentor, Aaron Kennedy (Session musician, Drumming Academy educator and motivator) we’re ready to move to the next level and we don’t plan to stop there. We’re going to tear down the walls of every venue brave enough to have us!”

Tracks available for download (if any):
One Word