LOVECHILD - . (Melodic Pop/Rock)
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Lovechild are a 4 piece band from Northern Ireland. Founded by Luke Mathers and David McClean the band came together in early 2003 with Chris Maitland joining on bass.

The line-up is:-
David McClean - Vocals
Luke Mathers - Guitars
Chris Maitland - Bass
Rodger Firmin - Drums

The sound is not easily labelled, but substancial mainstream radio play suggests a hummable tune and catchy melody line. Raw emotion laid bare along with energetic songs and introspective ballads suggest a great live show and a resolute fanbase suggests that there is something to like about this band.

Influence comes from many directions and the band seldom share ideals, the good point is that they do not sound like anything that preceeded, for the most part. A fusion of many styles range from singer McClean's T-Rex and Fleetwood Mac to guitarist Mathers' Rolling Stones and beloved Bruce Springsteen, including bassist Maitland's Chili Peppers funk, are all components of the sound.

We hope at some point you get to hear our music and that Rock n' Roll gives you the chance you deserve.

Hope You Have a Lovely Day,

David, Luke, Rodger, Chris.
Tracks available for download (if any):
"Hope You Have a Lovely Day"
"the Siren"
"Killin' Me"