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I suppose you're wondering how we got the name. Well, one day, way back in that nostalgic late Autumn of 2003, myself and a few of the lads were in Waterford's Bookcentre, just moseying, bored. After a while of this, punctuated only by random nipple cripples and wet willies (and not that kind, either) we stumbled across this book: Why Paint Cats. Basically the deal was, these people painted their own cats and put the photos in a book. Apparently. Anyway we thought this was Golden Material, so it was decided to name the newly formed band "Why Paint Cats". It started out as a laugh, as the name suggests, and now its just hilarious, as keenly demonstrated by the crowds who burst out laughing whenever we go on stage.
What's our style? Well, I put down "Rock", but that doesn't mean anything really. Yeah, it might sound a bit cliché but we don't have one single style. Experimentation is the key. We have a few live clips on the site, they're not the best but they'll be updated regularly so give 'em a listen. In the meantime, if any Big Bands, Radio DJs, Record Labels or Sexy Ladies want to get in touch with us for shenanigans (musical or otherwise), our emails are included somewhere here.
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