twinkranes. Since 2005. Based in Dublin Rock | Electronic | Electro-Rock
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Bev Fed-drums,vox.Dr raymond kranes-synths,noise,programming.rooster-guitar,bass,synths,noise.

contact name:Andrew Rooney
phone: 0863148977
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Somewhere over one third of the way into the first decade of the new millennia in the long dank winter of 2003/2004, three young world weary musicians T.Krane and his child-hood friends and companions The Rooster and Dr Raymond Krane, sat up and dusted themselves down. After some time spent floating in the stratosphere after the implosion of various different musical projects they began to gravitate slowly back to earth and began to realise that time had been kind to their souls and minds but the musical landscape they now co-habited looked considerably dull and un-moving. So with a newly found hunger our heros began to rejuvenate themselves, not unlike a worm or maggot that gets stood on, breaks into many pieces and grows happily and multiplies into some more worms or maggots. They soon began to establish their very own Palmer Space Studios. An other worldly environment specifically set up for the purpose of creating challenging uncompromising electronic pop music. Buried deep within these smokey hallowed walls, through rigorous experimentation with vintage electronics, tribal drums and undying love for popular music and popular culture, a six-legged avant- groove machine monster was born. Now under the moniker TWINKRANES our heros had returned from a long and truly strange migration.
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