toneControl. Since 2004. Based in Cork Electronic | Electro-Rock | Atmospherics
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Members: 5
Members Names:
Niamh-Vocals, Nick-Bass, Fabian-Drums, Mick-Guitar & Synths, Smiley-Guitar
London Elektricity, Tom Vek, Soulwax, Orbital, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, Salmonella Dub, Breakbeat Era, Kruder & Dorfmeister. We sound like toneControl

contact name:Mick McFadden
phone: 086-1918637
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toneControl are a Cork based 5 piece band. Although they are hard to define, their sound draws from both rock and electronica influences with drum & bass beats present in force. toneControl serve up an energetic and electric live set. Many stereos have been terminally damaged trying to recreate their sound and it's suggested you should just save yourself the trouble and come see them.

toneControl return to the studio this Nov. to record an album/extended E.P. following there first E.P. release in 2005.
With the departure of there flautist, toneControl now have a more guitar driven sound...

Having gigged extensively around Cork over the summer, toneControl are looking forward to moving further afield with an Irish tour, they also hope to start hitting the international scene with gigs in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester and Berlin all in the pipe line.

toneControl have been described as "one of the freshest new talents to emerge from the Cork music scene in recent years" and "a breath of fresh air, an innovative and interesting band- a band that you can finally dance to"
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