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The Kerbs are a six piece Irish band. Since their formation in May of 2002 they been on a mission to deliver their fun style making audiences chill and move all night. The Kerbs want their music where it should be, under your skin. This gangs mixture of soul, rock and jazz sounds brings a much needed freshness to Ireland’s music scene.

In 2003 the Kerbs have started recording their first EP. Having recorded in various studios, including Poppyhill, Sun, Electra, and Tunnel, the band decided the set up their own recording studio. The Kerbs launched their first CD ‘Figurine’ in January 2003. This CD featured the title track ‘Figurine’ as well as four live favourites, ‘Every time we say goodbye’, ‘I Know’ and ‘Sister soul’.

In recent months the band have remixed their first CD for the club scene. Already, the Kerbs have been invited to visit two London based DJ’s who have offered to include the remixed versions of ‘figurine’ and another track ‘five more minutes’ on a tour of venues in the UK, Mainland Europe and South America.

Having spent almost six months in the studio, the Kerbs are gearing up to take their new and ever expanding set to the stage once more. Audiences can expect more grooving, rocking and above all dancing in the next few months as the Kerbs are set to move upmarket playing gigs starting in the Sugar Club on Friday 5 September. Tickets for this gig will be available from 1 August in the Sound Cellar, Nassau Street, or by emailing
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